Mass travel framework “Skytrain” in Thailand currently has an assortment of tones,

which is now 170 km in help, is under development for another 129 km and by 2027 it will finish 533 km as per the all-inclusive strategy, a sum of 16 lines, with an aggregate of 376 stations.

As of late, the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) has considered the advancement plan. “Feeder framework” to give clients quicker รถรับจ้างลาดกระบัง and more helpful admittance to the MRT station.

Beginning from the type of an electric minibus that will run on the primary street and the optional street into the local area. Also, charge a cheap admission

Red line tees

To accelerate the launch of the rural train “Red Line” Bang Sue – Taling Chan And Bang Sue – Rangsit on November 1, 2021, with an aggregate of 13 stations: Bang Sue Station, Chatuchak, Samian Nari Temple, Bang Khen, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si Housing, Don Mueang Lak Si, Rangsit, Bang Son, Bang Bamru and Taling Chan.

OTP will give “Feeder framework” at each station inside a range of 3 km around the station to carry individuals to utilize the assistance And there are plans to create foundation around the station, like a walker walkway, a skywalk, a sun-shrouded rooftop. Add a stop for public transports Add a parking space and go for individual vehicles. To work with the excursion to the station quicker

Pilot “Rangsit-Taling Chan”

Mr. Panya Chupanich , Director of Transport and Traffic Planning, uncovered “Prachachat Business” that the feeder course plan idea acknowledges the red rural train. As of now, the model has been finished at 2 stations: Rangsit Station and Taling Chan Station.

Since it is an intersection (entryway) of the excursion It is both a flight station and an objective. Numerous travelers are required to utilize the help later on.

The planned “feeder framework” will zero in on carrying individuals from the space to that space. Can go to the red line quickly It isn’t tied in with associating other electric lines.

“Intrigued transport administrators can apply for a permit from the Department of Land Transport. Just as feeders at Rangsit Station Expected to speed up the launch of the help this year “

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