WHAT BRAND OF PAPER DID YOU USE? WallPops, NUWALLPAPER Dry Erase Peel and Stick Wall Paper

I as of late made my little gathering kidney table into a whiteboard table! On account of WallPops! I’ve been looking at individuals on the GRAM and Pinterest with their DIY study hall whiteboard tables and I just needed to have one! This is an extraordinary method to make your own without going through a huge load of cash or time. A few group painted their tables, yet my school wouldn’t permit it, so this was everything I could manage!

I had posted the completed table over on my Instagram, so I thought I’d have a greater amount of a FAQ about it here.

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table


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What number of ROLLS DID YOU NEED?

Only ONE move of white board tables their Dry Erase Wall Paper fit my whole (normal size) kidney table! With a little sheet left. The size of their roll is 20.5 inches and 18 feet on the roll.

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table


A couple of tips for application and overlay:

1. Get an amigo (they make it SO a lot quicker and simpler to lay straight), however in the event that not, YOU CAN DO IT

2. Wipe your table clean before you start

3. Have a container shaper and smoothing instrument accessible (or a backdrop application pack Amazon subsidiary connection)

4. Keep the paper in a move structure as you go

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table

5. Lay the principal piece down in the biggest region (mine was essentially the focal point of the table)

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table

6. Utilize a level (I utilized my iPhone) to ensure it’s straight across and define a boundary with a whiteboard marker so as you go you’re setting out the paper in an orderly fashion

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table

7. Stretch it genuinely close as you apply (another valid justification to have an amigo)

8. Cover the paper only a bit of touch (another motivation to have a mate)

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table


Utilize a clipboard or whiteboard or any huge plastic smoothing thing or backdrop utensil like this one on Amazon (partner connect). Additionally, this paper is SUPER simple to apply (and I’ve utilized a couple of various kinds of contact paper), which doesn’t forget about an excessive number of air pockets to push (in addition to they handily come out in the event that you push them out as you go). Ensure you go sluggish, you can generally strip some off in the event that it bubbles excessively. I additionally found on the off chance that you kind of stretch it as you go it applies better (this is the reason you may need two individuals).


Make a point to stick some tape around the edges of the table to kids would prefer not to strip it up for you!


Utilizing a case shaper or razor or the like, discover the territory between the wood of the table and the dark edging. Slide the razor along there and it guides you all around the table! Be delicate and moderate incase you get out of the space or, in all likelihood you’ll cut into the paper on the table.

Do-It-Yourself whiteboard table


Since it is a backdrop versus genuine white board, it very well may be extreme at the same time, in my experience, it works on the off chance that you have the correct instruments.

Utilizing fair markers like Expo* is useful (blue really fall off the best as I would like to think).

Utilizing the dry delete splash from WallPops with a paper towel is incredible or wipes*!

Utilizing a microfiber towel* works incredible as well.

*Amazon Affilate Links


I think the whiteboard paint thought is incredible as well! I’m not ready to do that a lot to the school furniture, so I settled on something that likewise could be taken out! Indeed, this is removable with almost no buildup!

Do-It-Yourself Whiteboard Table

*I was made up for my blog entry by WallPops, yet the assessments are my own.*

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