BEST is an abbreviation and signifies


In the event that a pioneer could utilize an apparatus to find how great their methodologies and strategies are, and how incredible their accomplished outcomes are, they could design further enhancements. The objective is to accomplish phenomenal outcomes.

“a Better method to Excellent outcomes and Success through the utilization of a fitting Tool.”

Numerous supervisors need to know and gauge how great their empowering agents, results, and cycles are without doing a long and troublesome examination for a decent benchmarking organization or association. By applying the BEST-devices, they not just know whether they have a best practice, yet they see how much it is a best practice and where they need to make a move for development.

slot an interaction to be a best practice, it should empower an association to execute its procedure all the more productively and viably, adjusting the organization all the more intimately with its targets. ( The lean administration undertaking, A framework for every day progress, significant reason, and enduring worth. January 2014)

Our meaning of a best practice:

A best practice is an interaction which is routinely inspected and improved, observed by key execution markers, and consolidating exercises learned. A best practice adds to the concretization of the methodology of the association and prompts incredible and maintainable outcomes.

There are some extra ascribes of a best practice:

It produces steady, quantifiable, dependable, and incredible hierarchical outcomes.

It improves the association’s presentation.

It influences and exploits innovation and advancement.

It improves quality and speed, in this way bringing down costs.

It is driven by the heads of the association, normally, the proprietor of the key cycle.

The BEST-strategy is a methodology that discloses how to survey and compose a best practice. The BEST-strategy is additionally an important device to survey your great practice. The result of this evaluation will assist you with affirming that you have a decent practice and recognize where you can make further enhancements to accomplish a best practice.

The BEST-device is a progression of agendas (Excel-tables) empowering the peruser to survey his best practice or as a rule for composing a best practice. There are two instruments: the definite BEST-device (a point by point agenda comprising of four components (4 Excel tables)) and the BEST Quick Scan (an outline of the BEST-apparatus in one agenda (1 Excel table)).

Short Presentation Of BEST-Method

The BEST-strategy comprises of four structure blocks (see figure 1): measure portrayal, empowering agents (strategies utilized), results accomplished and the depiction of the best practice (design).

Figure 1

Figure 1: Four structure squares of the best-strategy.

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1. It begins with the recognizable proof and depiction of the key interaction. This cycle contributes emphatically to the accomplishment of the essential objectives and additionally marketable strategy. Much of the time it is portrayed in the configuration of a flowchart. The administration of the key cycle comprises of three sections: 1) portrayal of the empowering influences (approaches and techniques) used to execute and improve the interaction (empowering influences), 2) checking of the outcomes and 3) the depiction of the Best Practice (forma

The empowering influence is surveyed agreeing the PDCA-rationale, i.e., Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle. Each of these

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