All that means do without help from anyone else.


O1. Select right SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and antigens for assembling

O2. Research and development of method before enormous scope creation

O3. Apportioning antigen and immune response on NC film

O4. Overlay cushions, NC on support card

O5. Strips cutting

O6. Strip feed into tape and amassing

O7. Amassing the frill (extraction tube, support arrangement, swab, instrution for use, and so on) in box

O8. QC

O9. Offer to showcase

Choice 2

Start up from semi-item.

OA. Select whole sheet for Coronavirus test pack fabricating

OB. Cutting into strips

OC. Collecting strip and tape

OD. Collecting the extras (extraction tube, support arrangement, swab, instrution for use, and so on) in box


OF. Offer to showcase

For the youthful organization or new player, the option1 is exceptionally hard to do it. The option2 is most ideal decision for the sartup.

The option1 isn’t just the over 9 stages, it’s more than that, for example, groundwork for all adornments: colloidal gold, NC membrance, test cushion, form cushion, sidelong stream backing card, parallel stream tape, mylar pack, SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and antigens, and so on This is for the organization who has R&D group and prepared for assembling.

More subtleties reference: of-care-how-to-create quick test/ quick test-dependent on immunochromatography/

To brief time frame to begin larg-scale prodution, the option2 is most ideal decision. At the point when all extras prepared, you start Coronavirus test pack producing as quickly as time permits.

What materials need for the two choice?

Choice 1

1. NC film

2. Test cushion

3. Form cushion

4. Mylar sack

5. Desiccant sack

6. Sidelong stream backing card

7. Nasopharyngeal swab

8. Extraction tube

9. Cradle arrangement

10. SARS-CoV-2 immunizer (Cat. No.: ASARS-27)

11. SARS-CoV-2 immunizer (Cat. No.: ASARS-28)

12. SARS-CoV-2 antigen

13. Parallel stream tape

14. Salivation assortment pack lungene rapid tests

15. Colloidal gold

Alternative 2

1. Whole sheet for Coronavirus test pack producing

2. Mylar sack

3. Desiccant pack

4. Horizontal stream tape

5. Swab

6. Spit assortment unit

7. Extraction tube

8. Support arrangement

The discretionary materials: liquor cushions, lancet, dispossible pipette.

How BALLYA can help you?

BALLYA is one of maker for Coronavirus test unit in China. BALLYA can help you set up creation line at the earliest opportunity. BALLYA give every single crude material, gear, creation line for your industrial facility.

What materials BALLYA can supply?

NC film

Test cushion

Form cushion

Retentive cushion

Horizontal stream tape

Mylar sack

Desiccant sack

Sidelong stream backing card

Dispossible pipette

Colloidal gold

Extraction tube

Salivation assortment pack

Nasopharyngeal Swab

SARS-CoV-2 immunizer (Cat. No.: ASARS-27)

SARS-CoV-2 immunizer (Cat. No.: ASARS-28)

SARS-CoV-2 antigen

Whole sheet for Coronavirus test unit producing

Cushion arrangement (Coronavirus test unit support)

What types of gear BALLYA can supply?

Sidelong stream strip shaper

Sidelong stream gadget

Sidelong stream tape presser

Test cushion strip shaper

Form cushion strip shaper

NC layer overlaying machine

What gadgets for creation line BALLYA can supply?

Quick test gathering machine (Test pack mechanized get together machine)

Cushion filling machine

Form for parallel stream tape producing

Form for extraction tube

What sort of Coronavirus test unit BALLYA can supply?

Coronavirus Antibody (IgG/IgM) Test Kit

Coronavirus Antigen Test Kit

Coronavirus Antigen Saliva Test

Coronavirus Neutralizing Antibody Test

Coronavirus Neutralizing Antibody ELISA Test

Coronavirus/Flu A/Flu B Combo Rapid Test

Will BALLYA give OEM administration?


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