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Tune Review: Stray Kids – Red Lights (Bang Chan and Hyunjin)

Posted on September 13, 2021 by NICK6 Comments

Stray Kids – Red Lights (Bang Chan & Hyunjin)It feels like I’m composing another Stray Kids audit each and every other day. JYP Entertainment has gone all out for their most current collection, shooting a few music recordings to advance

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gathering and sub-unit tracks. I couldn’t say whether I’ll compose a point by point audit on each one, yet Bang Chan and Hyunjin’s Red Lights merits a couple of words.

At the point when I envision extraordinary sub-unit discharges, I consider melodies that add an additional fixing to a gathering’s center sound. It’s a chance to analyze, drawing upon the singular qualities of taking an interest individuals. For this situation, Red Lights handles Stray Kids’ more sensational side. On occasion, it seems more like an exhibition piece for Bang Chan and Hyunjin than a legitimate melody, yet that approach works.

I like how components of Red Lights reference more established Stray Kids material. The electric guitar in the pre-tune reviews District 9-time goodness, while the irritable, emotive energy is more with regards to tunes from their I Am YOU collection.

Red Light’s creation is more amazing than its tune, and I long for an ensemble that doesn’t feel so expendable. Yet, that pre-ensemble supplies a wide range of melodic dramatization, offering a look at how stunning Stray Kids can sound while supporting their imagination with an assorted soundscape. The guitar and strings combo is extremely compelling, adding a completion to the track. On the off chance that I had it my way, every component of Red Light would convey this equivalent weight. The percussion would be quicker and more vigorous, the tune would add meat to its stripped down and that cool thunder of synth would accomplish more than just tear through the focal drop.

Hooks 7

Production 9

Longevity 8

Bias 8


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108 ENT (108ENT.BLOGSPOT.COM) says:

September 13, 2021 at 3:57 pm

Like Ohm, I track down that a less stale instrumental would help this tune a ton. Nonetheless, I am more intrigued by the distinction of hair between Bang Chan and HyunjinNo doubt as an exhibition piece, I believe it’s incredible! Anticipating see Chan and Hyunjin playing out this at some point. Like Mybrainisonfire said above, I likewise wasn’t expecting much from this from what I had heard preceding the delivery, so it’s pleasant that I do partake in the tune too.

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