Transportation your bundles now less expensive


As of July 16, 2021 we have changed our transportation techniques so that purchasing on the web pastime things from us will be considerably more appealing for you. Your orders will presently be sent in a letterbox bundle or in an ordinary bundle.

On account of this change hobbywinkel you pay no delivery costs with a request from € 50,- .

This makes it much less expensive to do your interest shopping in the Zusjes Hobbyhoekje webshop.

Obviously you can likewise keep on getting your orders in our store at Maandereind 17 in Ede. While putting in your request you can pick whether you need to have your request delivered or rather get it in our comfortable side interest shop.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the stock in the webshop is not the same as the stock in the store?! It is accordingly conceivable that a thing on the site is sold out, yet it is as yet in the store. You can generally email or call (during opening times) to check whether we have the thing in the store.

It is consequently additionally conceivable that an article is on the site, however is as of now not in the store.

Our webshop is obviously open day in and day out. So you can shop the best pastime things when it suits you!

You will discover side interest shop Zusjes Hobby corner here:

Maandereind 17

6711 AA Ede


Do you have an inquiry? Is it accurate to say that you are searching for an article that isn’t accessible on the site? We are eager to assist you. You can reach us through the accompanying ways:

Zusjes Hobbyhoekje is the pastime shop in Ede and the encompassing region. Numerous clients outside the district likewise realize where to discover us. Zusjes Hobbyhoekje is a comfortable leisure activity shop where individual consideration for you as a client is as yet the number 1 need. In our store there is consistently an ideal opportunity for a visit or explicit guidance. You can likewise see different models in our store, model cards as well as instances of other diversion projects.

Visit our comfortable interest shop and experience it for yourself.

Interest shop with a wide reach

Zusjes Hobbyhoekje has been an easily recognized name as a pastime shop in Ede for quite a long time. This year (2021) it has been a long time since we began the store at Maandereind 52 in Ede. At first, the store’s reach was for the most part centered around card making and related specialty regions. Throughout the long term, the quantity of clients developed and with it the interest for a more extensive scope of pastime things. That is the reason toward the finish of 2019 we opened a totally redesigned and bigger side interest store slantingly inverse our old area, Maandereind 17.


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